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Explore the island with us and evolve into an iconic Kulani Sun Chaser! Join us in a world of adventures, madness and first glances at Kulani’s biggest secrets… This epic hideaway will be your new go-to for Kulani treasures. You will be in with the chance of earning magical rewards such as... exclusive discounts, secret giveaways, and creative advice + tips!

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You need to be 18+ and in the USA to be eligible!

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Love creating Instagram & Tiktok content + want to join the Kulani Family? Fill out our super simple application above! If accepted you will be on your way to earn vouchers, discounts & first looks…


Palm trees, candy skies, sunshine sparkling on turquoise seas - it’s time for you to create magic! We love bright & colorful content that makes you smile! A love of sand and sunsets, vacation vibes, OOTD styling shots - the world is the limit! Minimal filters + no facetune required!


Share your iconic content with the world! Tag us @kulanikinis and tell all your friends and followers about your unique ambassador code to get re-posted across Kulani socials!


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Get to know us & Our Kulani Sun Chaser Vibe!

Sun Chaser of the Summer


"Working with Kulani has been an absolute dream! I love working with a brand that is body positivity and creates bikinis that are high quality for their customers. Kulani Kinis are amazingly supportive for all body types as well as feels super comfy and soft on the body! Creating content for Kulani was super easy, they allowed me to have full creative control on how the content was being shoot which allowed me to create authentic content for my followers!"

- Megan Kemp wearing her fave 'Wildberry' print!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Kulani? Our Mission! Down Arrow Icon

The designers and creators of Kulani Kinis are Dani & Alex - two beach loving, wanderlust spirits from the East Coast of Sydney, Australia. They share a love of colour, Hawaii and taking charge of their own destiny. Our hope is that everyone in Kulani has fun, feels confident and enjoys all the vibrant colour combinations of life! As we have grown, so has our passion and what we want to inspire. We want to be more than most fashion labels and we need to make sure how we act and what we say means something. We want to make our kinis more accessible for everyone and spread our magic across the globe through YOU - our Kulani Sun Chasers..

What is a Kulani Sun Chaser, what do I get and why should I be one? Down Arrow Icon

A Kulani Sun Chaser is our beautiful Kulani Brand Ambassador! Join the family and be proud to represent Kulani Kinis whilst earning exclusive discounts and rewards! We have lots planned for you... including free gifts, exclusive competitions, kulani community and sneak peeks!

Who can become a Brand Ambassador? Down Arrow Icon

If you love Kulani, creating content & love instagram... It’s your time to shine! You need to be over the age of 18, a USA citizen and have over 1,000 followers on Instagram!

Do I have to give you my Instagram handle? Down Arrow Icon

Yes, you do! We LOVE instagram and to be a brand ambassador we want to see how enthusiastic you are about Kulani on your own Instagram. Make sure to make your account public so the Kulani Team can see your content!

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