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Hannah Meloche

Soul searching, she always looks for new adventures leaving no stone unturned. Filled with love and happiness at the end of each day, she sits and she glows, under the sun.


Under The Sun
Kulani Kinis x Hannah Meloche

December 2020. Kulani meets Hannah.
We adore each other. Bonds begin to bloom.
2021. Golden Hour magic. So much love. The sun sets. We don't want it to end.
December 2021. Let's begin again.
Shine bright. Be like the sun. Give like the sun...
Under The Sun.

2022. So many meetings. Early starts. Late nights. Swatches become samples. Mood boards morph.
Happy Birthday. Hannah grows. So proud of you.
Hawaii is home. Routine and friends. Hibiscuses blossom. Vibrant bursts of life.
Sunny Sydney. Kulani crew hustles. Fit testing. Giggles. Coffee flows.
Buttery soft linens. Bucket hats. Beach totes. Bali. Fluttery feels.
The world is opening up. Adventure awaits.
Photoshoots on the horizon. Time to make memories.
Seeking citrus and mineral blues. Diving into the ocean.
So close. Butterflies. Remember to slow down.

June 2022. At long last, she's here.
Hannah Meloche x Kulani Kinis
A Bikini and Summer Apparel Collaboration.

Worldwide Love for Kinis!

From Sydney.. to Hawaii.. all the way to Spain... our love for kinis always remains x

Hannah Meloche Q&A

  • Do you have any life advice?

    My life advice would be to keep going. Keep going, keep being you, because the world needs you and everything you have to offer. Life is short so stay close to your sunshine, do what makes you happy and be with people that bring you up! My favorite thing to think of when I’m feelin a little lost is “make yourself proud” because once you have that and you truly can trust and fall in love with who you are and who you’re becoming every single day, you’re unstoppable! I also love the quote “It’s never too late” because it truly never is, every day is a new opportunity to start a new and make it a beautiful day!

  • Fave print from the collection?

    I am such a big fan of all of them. I would really have to say the classy cream color is so so beautiful for a solid color. Other than that I just adore everything oh my goodness, but maybe the ‘Limoncello' print! I love the colors and especially the reversible pattern we have with the straps is so so fun I’m obsessed!!

  • Favorite memory from the shoot? Inspo for the collection!

    My favorite memory was my shoot day with my friends. What a special special day. It was filled with laughs and running around seeing all my friends feel so confident in suits I designed having fun was seriously a dream. So blessed we were able to capture that. It’s exactly what i wanted.

  • Tropical destinations or European vacays?

    Right now I would say European Vacations! Mallorca was my first time back in Europe since 2017 and I missed it so much. Now i’m excited to visit more European spots this summer and adventure ALL over!!

  • Music or podcast?

    I would definitely say i'm more of a music girl, i LOVE my Spotify playlists and making different ones for whichever mood i may be in. Podcasts are still amazing and so relaxing and comforting but my go-to is always one of my playlists for walks or car rides.

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