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Did you know we have two websites?


We have specialized website for our Australian, Japanese and New Zealand customers so that you can checkout in Australian Dollars. Please visit www.kulanikinis.com.au if you are a Kulani Kinis customer rather either of three countries.

Otherwise if you are from any other country, please browse our website www.kulanikinis.com and you will be viewing the prices in US Dollars.



Help! I'm having difficulties with my shipping & checkout!!?


First of all, our apologies! Sometimes when you return to your cart and complete your purchase, difficulties can arise. We are working on having these fixed. However your checkout will complete if you clear your history/cache and/or reset your browser.


If you do not wish to do this and/or continue to have any issues, please send us an email and we will process your order via PayPal directly.


Thank you for your patience!


I've just placed an order. Where is my confirmation email?


Please allow up to 24 hours for your confirmation email to be received in your registered email address box. We recommend checking your Junk mail or Spam folder as well. If you do not receive a confirmation email within this time frame, please send an email to Customer Care at info@kulanikinis.com.


It looks like my card was charged twice. Why?


What you may be seeing is an authorization. This is a common bank practice handling credit card transactions to ensure sufficient funds and account authenticity. This authorization will clear and you will see one charge for the order you have placed. Please note that your bank may take up to 48 hours to clear the authorization. If you need help speeding up the process you can contact the issuing bank of your credit card.


Please only click the ‘Place Order’ button once during checkout to avoid duplicate orders being placed.


Where is my order? I have not received it yet?


You will receive a confirmation email once your order has been shipped. If you have not received a shipping confirmation email, please check your Junk Mail or Spam folder, as it may have been received there.


Please refer to our Shipping Information page for further details.




We are always looking for healthy and active girls to represent our line. If you surf, dive or just love to get salty and sun kissed, please send us photos and videos. We'll provide the swimwear if you provide the pics! We are looking for high quality, clear and creative images. To apply, please contact info@kulanikinis.com.


Alternatively, if you're a surf or underwater photographer and need swimwear for your models, please email a link to your portfolio to info@kulanikinis.com.


To apply you must be at least 18 years old. You must follow us on Instagram (@kulanikinis). Please let us know your IG name. For our reps we typically look for accounts with at least 10k followers with an authentic 'like' rate.


My size is unavailable - when will it be back in stock?


Please email us with the style and colour you are interested in and we can let you know if more stock is coming. Additionally, if we don't cater for your current measurements, please email us with our products you are interested in and we will take this feedback into account for future runs. 


What fabrics do we use?

Kulani Kinis are made from a blend of nylon and lycra commonly referred to as "Italian Lycra". They are delicate and soft to feel!


Can I order a different size top & bottom?


Absolutely! All of our bikinis are sold as separate tops and bottoms. 


How do you recommend I care for my swimwear?


Hand wash in cold water and use a mild soap or detergent. No bleach. Never put your swimwear in the dryer. To dry please hang or lay flat in a shady area. Try to avoid oils and tinted sunscreen. Fake tanning products can also mark your bikini. If using these products please ensure they are completely dry before they come in contact with your bikini.


Please Note: Bright Colours/Fluros. We strongly recommend you pre-wash these garments separately in cold water with a teaspoon of salt. Some colours are not colourfast and you will find the dye will run after multiple hand washes. Continue to wash separately in cold water after each use.