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What comes first...the bikini or the beach?

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Do you go to beach more because you buy a bikini...or do you only buy a bikini because you love going to the beach? 

Well this got Kulani Kinis thinking...does the clothing we wear influence our behaviour and the way we feel and act? According to science, the answer is YES!

How did we find out? Well we did some reading (gasp here!) and found two researchers that have coined the term “enclothed cognition” to describe the mental changes that we undergo when we wear certain clothing. Basically it's a fancy term of saying that we think, feel and act differently based on what we wear! 

It sounds like something we all know, but it's hard to prove. So the science guys had a thought....a lab coat is generally associated with attentiveness and carefulness....lets put that on some of people and gather another group who just wear a normal t-shirt and get them to do something that is hard! Weirdly...those wearing lab coats proved significantly more successful at the tasks assigned to them.

We think that the study’s results can be applied to so much more, including activewear and bikinis. Basically fashion in general!!! Tweet and tell everyone!

Makes sense right....when you wear athletic clothing, you become more active and more likely to go to feel like going to the gym and work out. When you wear bikinis, you are more likely to go to the beach and get sunkissed. In our case, you might also want to go on more holiday escapes too...although who needs extra motivation for this right?

So when we design our pieces, what are we looking to do? Well our first consideration is always our customers. We want to embody what she loves and what will make her feel her best. We believe if we have a great quality fabric that is comfortable and designs that are flattering, you girls will love them, and best of all you will all feel amazing wearing them! Our love of colour and vibrant prints is our signature. Combing neons, pastels, prints and solids we definitely don't leave any stone unturned. We love how our warm colour tones evoke feelings of energy and comfort and how our cooler colours including blue and purple hues leave you feeling calm and serene. 

The research suggests that the way you respond to your clothing has a lot to do with both the symbolic meaning and the physical experience of wearing the clothes. Do you want to be a calming mermaid in our Blue & Purple Swirl? Or do you want to shine bright like a burning sun in our Mexico? It is your choice! 

It's not rocket science that the discovery has been made that what we wear matters but it's important to keep in mind that fashion can affect how we think about ourselves and can even affect how well we do something! 

At Kulani Kinis, we are all about active and healthy living, and clothing girls in the most beautiful pieces possible.  

We represent the girl who needs to buy unique.
We represent the girl who only wears something that makes her smile.
We represent the girl who empowers herself.
We represent you.


When you wear Kulani Kinis, we want you to feel all those things. We want you to feel unique, we want you to smile and feel empowered! We want you to feel apart of us. That's our story and that's what we feel at Kulani Kinis.

Alex & Dani 


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