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Seventeen 'Hot AF Swim'

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Hi Girls!! 

Small update here from Kulani Kinis HQ....nothing major....just a feature in Seventeen Magazine!! We absolutely love being offered as some of the hottest bikinis in the world at the moment with a price tag under $100!! There is no reason why style and price cannot be friends! We prove that everyday!

We are super excited & grateful!! We even made a mention in a second article!! Thank you Seventeen!!! 


17 Hottest One-Piece Bathing Suits Under $100


 Featuring our Sundowner One Piece 

Kulani Kinis Australian Swimwear



17 Hot-AF Swimsuits Under $100


 Featuring our Unicorn Tuxedo Bikini

Kulani Kinis Swimwear

Hope you all have an amazing end to your week & weekend!

Alex & Dani XX 


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