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Interview With The Original Bali Body

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Kulani Kinis Demi Bra Peach Puff

Interview with the original Bali Body girl Eva Czarnocka (@evaczarnocka). You may recognize this beautiful babe from our many Instagram posts and our website. She is a bikini model, blogger, stylist and digital content creator and we are proud to say we found her before most did! 

Her website 'The Sundazed' is her personal blog and portfolio which showcases her lastest works as a swimwear model. She works amazingly hard with a photographer named Jakub Koniewicz to snap some of our most epic images. For more than 2 years this babe from Poland has perfected her own distinct style. Now you might think that being a bikini model and travelling the world would be a great life, but there is a lot (I repeat...a lot) of hard work and dedication that has gone into making this girl the talented force that she is.

We are so excited to have Eva on our blog and answer these question! If you have any others for her please let us know and we will see if we can get them answered :)

 Kulani Kinis Moon Flower

Name: Eva Czarnocka


Social Media: @evaczarnocka


Please describe to us who you are in 25 words and what's something you always take to the beach?

That's tough to narrow down! First, I am a swimwear model and digital content creator for many brands from all over the world. My essential something...that's easy...I always take virgin coconut oil to the beach.


If we asked your friends for three words to describe you, what would they say?

Insane, unpredictable, different. (It's totally true! After spending sometime with Eva, you never forget her!)  


We get a lot of girls asking if they can model for us and how they can become bikini models. How did you get started in bikini modelling? Was it something you always wanted to do?

Absolutely not! Modelling was the last thing I ever thought about doing! But now I really love it! It gives me the opportunity to create and I have always been into creative pursuits. I graduated Arts of New Media and Computer Graphics a few years ago from a university in Warsaw (thats in Poland by the way). Then I got my master's degree in Psychology In as you can tell....modelling was not something I was really thinking about! I just kind of fell into it.

While studying...I was always travelling to tropical places and never forgot to take a camera with me. I was obsessed with beach shoots. And I had this passion to make the perfect bikini picture. Two years later I am still working on it but I think I am getting closer! After my studies I started to work in Sydney. I only had a part time job so I wanted to try something else. I did my first paid shoot exactly one year ago. It has since started to grow so fast! That was something I never expected that.


So you are an amazing model! How did you start and what do you think is the reason behind your camera chemistry? 

Oh thank you guys! I think what makes me special is my sense of aesthetic and style. 

Kulani Kinis Sundowner Bikini


Being in front of a camera all the time must be tough physically and mentally. Most girls would find it hard! How do you empower yourself to do it everyday?

Actually it’s very hard. Harder than any exam or job I have ever had. You have to be the best version of yourself all the time which is super tough. Especially beach shoots are super intense when it’s extremely sunny and hot. At the moment I do around 4 shoots per week. I also style, manage my pictures, contact brands etc. It’s a full time job for sure and it can be stressful. But for me, working out is the best way to empower myself. When I am stressed I go for a swim. When doing laps I count the brands I am shooting for and plan what poses I am going to take. 


On your blog 'The Sundazed' what do you like to write about?

The Sundazed is all about the pictures I take. Instagram is actually a tiny place for me because I can't share every photo I take that I love. I think my followers would hate the spam! So I use the blog as a place to showcase my full photo shoots. What has been super interesting is that I noticed that visitors are also interested into my workout tips and routines, so in the future I would love to make eBook with workout for the perfect summer body. That’s exciting!


You have worn our bikinis in some stunning locations including the Maldives, Palm Springs & Bali. What is your favourite photo shoot destination?

The location for any shoot is so important! And for me, there is no place like the Maldives for a bikini shoot.  But I also love modern, contemporary style of Sydney ocean pools. Also any desert landscape looks so minimalistic. I love that too!


What is your favourite holiday destination?

It’s so hard to say as I am living between Bali, Sydney and many other sunny places around the world. I like the Maldives but I can get island fever on them because they are so small. I definitely know that I would love to visit Tahiti and Samoa. And I can’t wait for Hawaii one day.


So you love the active/healthy life, what's your secret to staying on track?

My secret is to sweat every day. When I don’t feel tired from a workout I am not happy. I try to do something every single day even when shooting or travelling. My philosophy is that 'you never regret the workout'. I think it’s the one of most important parts of my life but for now I am trying to focus more on my portfolio than working out which can sometimes be really tough. However I think control & discipline is the key to success even when its means a bit of sacrifice. 


What are three things that you look for in swimwear?

Design. I love minimalistic cuts which enhance the best parts of my body. Comfort. When it’s not comfy I cannot feel happy in the bikini no matter what I do or where I am. Functionality. I really want to feel like I can swim, run and stay all day long in my kini.


What's your favourite workout?

Astanga yoga for sure. My entire life and strength is built on it. I started to practice it four years ago and there were months when I was doing it every day. Don’t mistake Astanga with any kind of relaxing yoga. It’s a super intense 90 minute workout and requires a lot of discipline. Now, I am working on creating my own summer body workout. I am mixing gym, abs routine and some Astanga Yoga. I am happy with the results so far!


What is your number one tip for other girls about how to live their life & smile more?

After 27 years of my life I realised one super important thing. Success isn’t a key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you are doing what you love and your mind is positive and you can have it all.


Wow Eva we could not have said it better ourselves! Your mindset and dedication to your craft is inspirational. Thank you!! We can't wait to see you & Jakub again soon :)


Alex & Dani 





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