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Glitter Abbey...WTF?!

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Swim. Sweat. SPARKLE. 

We know what you are thinking girls...did they really just launch a jewellery collection? A swimwear company crafting a jewellery line may seem a little unusual at first but please hear us kind of makes sense!  

 Glitter Abbey x Kulani Kinis...sharing our newest creation with you!


What Is Glitter Abbey?

Our philosophy at Kulani Kinis is to 'Swim, Sweat & Sparkle' - every girl should dive into life; sweat her tail off so in the end she can sparkle. When a girl sparkles, she is vibrant, lights up the room she enters and radiates an inner confidence. She is a beacon that brings out the best in all of those around her!

Each day when we choose what we wear, whether it be tights to the gym, a bikini at the beach or say a dress to work - we are choosing to reflect to the world a part of our identity, our own unique style and even at times we are showing glimpses into our state of mind. 

Unique precious gemstones combined with minimalist sterling silver settings are the pillars of our collection. Glitter Abbey has been carefully crafted to reflect our love of colour, paradise and the Earth's creations. 

Glitter Abbey is a sacred place of sparkle.

 It is an ethereal place of self expression. 


Why We Love Bohemian Jewellery

At our core we are wanderlust spirits and our pieces are designed to capture your inner bohemian soul. Our collection reflects: comfort, freedom, individuality, light negligence and femininity. In its essence boho is a real expression of your personality and creative nature. 

At this stage we know you can't take Kulani Kinis with you in your day to day life (unless you're a full-time mermaid or beach babe) yet Glitter Abbey allows us to share in even more experiences with you. We hope to be a subtle reminder for you to take a chance, go on an adventure and follow your dreams as we are certainly trying to. We want want you to sparkle not only for those around you but for yourself as well. 

Until next time :) 

Alex & Dani XX


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