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Georgia Gibbs Shoots Kulani Kinis Bikinis

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Bikini Photoshoot for 2017 Spring & Summer

At Kulani Kinis HQ, we know how amazing our swimwear is, granted we are starting to realise that some of you girls may love it too ;) So we wanted to share with you girls more of the inspiration for a few of the pieces in our newest collection which should be up and available in last two weeks of March 2017. A little late for Aussie summer (we know!!) but just in time for our American and Northern Hemisphere girls :) We are always chasing summer with our bikinis so we want to make sure everyone in the world has something amazing to wear that is affordable and great quality! We couldn't be happier with this new collection and we would love to say thank you to everyone for all the love being showered on our new creations.

We had an incredible opportunity to work with blonde bombshell Georgia Gibbs (model) and Bonnie Cee (Photographer) in Sydney to showcase some of the new bikinis and hopefully you continue to fall in love with them! (We know we will) And we can't wait to see girls across the world rock these bikinis! 


So Who is Bonnie Cee?

Bonnie is a Sydney based photographer who we absolutely love and adore! We met Bonnie while she was in LA travelling and we had such a great time with her. We sat down and had coffee together in Downtown LA for almost three hours and talked about bikinis, fashion and all things photography. Such a lovely girl and hugely talented, it's no wonder that she works with some of the most recognisable models in Australia at the moment. (@bonniecee)


And....Who is Georgia Gibbs?

Georgia is an absolute mega babe who we first met when we were teeeeny tiny and participating in our first runaway show at Bondi Pavilion. Sweet and beautiful on both the inside and out, we can't get enough of her sunkissed and soft look! (@georgiagibbs_). She has been great to us from the start and we know she is going to take over the world! She was contestant in Australia's Next Top Model, a finalist in Miss Universe Australia 2014, and has been casting for Sports Illustrated. (Click Here To Check It Out)

She recently has become an ambassador for promoting health body imagery and slamming body shamers with her new campaign mission 'Any Body Co'. We want to shout out and applaud Georgia and Kate. We should all remember to do more to promote healthy lifestyles and embracing women of all shapes and sizes so they can swim, sweat and sparkle!


The Swimwear


Miami One Piece

This electric neon swimsuit will turn heads from South Beach to Bondi!  No surprises what our inspo was for this swimsuit...Miami!!!

We wanted to capture a mix of retro glam and neon beach culture which is the essence of Miami and its beach life. We are hoping to spot a few of the local girls over there in it later this year when we arrive in July!


Kulani Kinis Miami One Piece Bikini

Georgia Gibbs wearing size S


Fairy Floss One Piece

The Fairy Floss is a softer and more subtle piece. It's super cute, and super playful! Again we wanted something a little fun, that you could wear in any water adventure you might be going on. And when you are done getting all sunkissed & salty, you should have the flexibility to pop on a pair of jeans have an amazing bodysuit that will have you ready to grab a coffee and meet your girlfriends.

 Kulani Kinis Fairy Floss Bikini

Georgia Gibbs wearing size S


Tahitian Hula High Crop & Cheeky Bottom

We looked back through the decades for the inspiration of this print and wanted to create something vintage and tropical. We went back to our love of island life for this design and it looks so gorgeous!!! Tahita better watch out for this swimsuit because we may just have stolen their beauty and trapped it in this bikini. Georgia looked like merbabe running around at Wylie Baths and we even had a few girls wanting to buy it on the spot that day!

 Kulani Kinis Tahitian Hula Bikini

Georgia Gibbs wearing size S


Powder Blue Crop Top & Cheeky Bottom

We have been super excited to bring in some softer neutral tones into the collection this year, and this piece is something we wanted to do from the very start. We had this colour custom made for you girls and we are so happy with it!

 Kulani Kinis Powder Blue Bikini

Georgia Gibbs wearing size S



Wylie's Baths is located just a few hundred metres south of Coogee Beach in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, sitting right below the magnificent Maroubra to Bondi coastal walkway. 

Come to Wylie's Baths and after a refreshing swim, lay on the warm pavers in your beautiful Kulani Kinis bikini and listen to the soothing sounds of the ocean...What more could you ask for in Summer.

Until next time!

Much Love!

Alex & Dani XX


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