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Beach Babe Edyn Mackney

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We got to know Edyn when she helped Kulani Kinis launch our first video! It was an amazing experience where a group of girls from the sunny beaches of Queensland Australia got together and created a fun story in our bikinis!  

Needless to say we loved it and everyone of the girls featured in it, and Britt who made it! We have linked the video at the bottom of this post if you want to check it out! But we also wanted to share more about the girls who wear our bikinis. 

So we asked Edyn if she would be our first victim! And by that I mean beach babe bikini queenie who tells us a bit about who she is! So here we go :)

Kulani Kinis Swimwear

Name: Edyn Mackney

Instagram/Social Media: @edynmackney
Who you are in 25 words and what's something you always take to the beach?
I am Passionate Vegan who lives at the beach/gym! I always have to bring a massive towel, water, fruit and a hat and I live in Queensland Australia.
So you love the active/healthy life, what's your secret to staying on track?
I always try to mix up my exercise and get a workout buddy! I am such a big fan in building energy with those around me and I think that just fuels me to sweat even more in the gym! Buying cute new gym outfits helps too ;)
You have a Youtube video with over 1.4 million hits. Can you tell us what was it about and why you think it resonated with people?
The video is about my experience with the modelling industry and how it led to me getting an eating disorder. I think the video went so viral because so many girls have been through the exact same thing and others were just shocked to hear how the modelling industry can work. There is definitely some things that need to be changed but I love that I have been able to move forward and now I am in a happier place than ever.
Do you find being open and sharing your stories on Youtube to be liberating or terrifying?
Liberating! I love making real videos and showing that no one is perfect and girls seem to love it as much as I do! I think the key to the 'love' is that it helps other girls with their own confidence and how they kind connect within themselves to find a more beautiful inner peace. That just makes me smile! 
Why do you think video is so powerful and what would you recommend other girls wanting to start a YouTube vlog?
Video is such an amazing medium because its so much more personal. Unless you are a great actress its really hard to fake speaking about your feelings into a camera and seem authentic. I think girls have a really good radar for picking up when someone is being fake so my advice is just don't even try. But what I would always say to a girl who wants to start a video blog is DO IT! Its so much fun! Watch heaps of videos and write down all your ideas on what videos you want to make then start filming :) Don't worry about being perfect. Everything gets better in time!
If you could meet anyone, who would it be and why?
I think right now it would be cool to meet Miley Cyrus. I just love that she is Vegan and so care free!
What are three things that you look for in swimwear?
Cheeky cut, stand out colour & a supportive top! 
What's your favourite workout? And your number one tip for other girls?
SQUATS! Be yourself and love the skin you are in :)
Silly question, if you had a mediocre superpower what would it be?
Thank you Edyn! We loved getting to know more about you! If you want to know more about Edyn please reach out to her on Instagram and you can find her YouTube channel there as well! XX



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